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Introduction of the Business Areas of Kocom

Smart home IoT

Smart Home loT of KOCOM shows the future
with the dream of making merry and happy world.

Smart home loT technology of KOCOM will continue to grow and develop by thinking of better future and secure its position as a leader in the smart home system.
KOCOM has secured the global leadership in loT-related products through advancing the business structure and global management.
Find KOCOM continuing to developing develop as top global leader company.

Smart home loT technology of KOCOM
Open a convenient world with the tip of a finger.
By connecting all appliance devices at home with wired and wireless networks,
we implement the intelligent smart home system which enables the interactive information community easily inside and outside home.
It is KOCOM's own future technology that enhances the quality of life by receiving a variety of information and services.

  • Security/Method

  • Communication

  • Internal Control

  • Energy

  • Monitoring

  • Health Information

  • Lifestyle Information

  • External Control

Remodeling System

By applying stable integrated unmanned
security system technology and methods to existing apartments,
KOCOM provide security and convenience in residential area.

From visible places to even invisible places,
latest solution of KOCOM enables the secure access control and management as well as the secure management and operation of the area
in connection with the security.

Experience latest remodeling system of KOCOM
with the reasonable and efficient system.
Security system of KOCOM access control management system which can be upgraded with high-end unmanned security system
at the same level with the new construction with the reasonable cost.
Variously expandable KOCOM Home loT devices can be conveniently controlled anywhere, anytime with a smart phone, enhancing the value of the residence.

  • Security/Crime Prevention

  • Access Control

  • Control

  • Interconnecting to external device

LED Lighting

Eco-friendly LED lighting,
thinking about the nature and the environment

Kocom has been producing excellent products with quality through highest level of technology.
With constant development of technology, we are creating the new future for KOCOM's LED lighting.

The eco-friendly, high-efficient and long-life INDOOR LIGHTING can be used in various indoor spaces. It makes eyes feel comfortable, suits well to the sophisticated interior lighting and minimizes the maintenance cost with the long life.
OUTDOOR LIGHTING is classified into outdoor street light, security light and flood light. It has a long life and is excellent in waterproof and dustproof and also can be installed in a place where maintenance is difficult, which minimizes the maintenance cost of the outdoor lighting.

SI (Integrated Solution)

Provide cutting-edge security system solution
based on manufacturing technologies of home network and CCTV system

Based on intrusion detection and access control of the loT-based home network system,
video surveillance of CCTV and integrated control technology,
we offer the highest security solution meeting the national standards for important national facilities.

[     Surveillance · Security System     ]
01 Scientific boundary system project
for important national facilities

Implementation of scientific security system
for national borderlines and military facilities
  • Intrusion detection and access control
    by advanced sensor
  • High performance and intelligent video surveillance
    and integrated control
  • Development and production of outside fence detection sensor and radar sensor product group
02 Combined surveillance system project
for special areas

Provide combined surveillance for the protection
of public institutions and military areas
  • The integrated and interlinked radar and thermal observation devices monitor intrusions from ground,
    sea and air.
  • TDevelopment and production of radar control system
03 Project of UAV surveillance and refusal solution
Protection from the intrusion of UAV such as drones to important security facilities
  • Development and production of products which monitor illegally intruding UAV with the interlinking of radar, radio-wave detection, thermal observation device and Jammer, disarming by using radio waves
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